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Melanie Debono (Senior Eurozone Economist)

EZ Datanote: Detailed Inflation/Construction, Eurozone, Sep/Aug

In one line: The start of a sustained drop in inflation; construction reverses July’s gain in August.

Melanie Debono (Senior Eurozone Economist)Eurozone

17 October 2023 Eurozone Monitor Brace for a Drop in Italian Inflation; EZ Goods Trade Rebounds

  •  Italian headline inflation edged down in September, and it is set for a plunge in October...
  • ...It should end 2023 below the ECB’s 2% target, and below inflation rates elsewhere in the big four.
  • August data suggest net trade in goods boosted EZ GDP in Q3, reversing the drag in Q2.

Melanie Debono (Senior Eurozone Economist)Eurozone

EZ Datanote: Industrial Production, Eurozone, August 2023

In one line: Not enough for output to have avoided a fifth straight quarterly decline.

Melanie Debono (Senior Eurozone Economist)Eurozone

EZ Datanote: Detailed Inflation, France, September 2023

In one line: We still think the fall in the headline will resume soon.

Melanie Debono (Senior Eurozone Economist)Eurozone

13 October 2023 Eurozone Monitor Recent ECB Council Comments Don't Preclude Rate Cuts in 2024

  •  ECB members are not closing the door on further hikes, but the bar for more tightening is very high...
  • ...Their reluctance to discuss rate cuts isn’t enough to convince us to remove them from our forecasts.
  • We still expect the Bank to stand pat in October and December before cutting rates in March.

Melanie Debono (Senior Eurozone Economist)Eurozone

12 October 2023 Eurozone Monitor Falling Inflation Expectations Support End of ECB Hiking Cycle

  • Consumer inflation expectations crept up in August, according to the ECB’s survey.
  • All but one other measure of inflation expectations are on a downtrend; no more ECB hikes are needed.
  • Ireland becomes the fifth EZ economy to raise taxes on banks; EZ banks can handle it.

Melanie Debono (Senior Eurozone Economist)Eurozone

11 October 2023 Eurozone Monitor Gunning for Chinese EVs Could Hurt European Carmakers

  • The EU has upped the ante when it comes to its trade relationship with China...
  • ...Raising tariffs on EVs imported from China could end up hurting European carmakers.
  • Italian industrial production rose in August, and likely avoided falling in Q3, but GDP still slid.

Melanie Debono (Senior Eurozone Economist)Eurozone

10 October 2023 Eurozone Monitor Downtrend in EZ Equities to Continue until Year-End

  •  German industrial output fell in August and likely recorded a hefty decline in Q3 overall.
  • Sentix investor sentiment edged lower in October, despite rising expectations for economic growth...
  • ...We think weak economic growth will keep equity prices on a downtrend for now.

Melanie Debono (Senior Eurozone Economist)Eurozone

EZ Datanote: Trade Balance, France, August 2023

In one line: Net exports were likely a drag on French GDP in Q3. 

Melanie Debono (Senior Eurozone Economist)Eurozone

EZ Datanote: Factory Orders, Germany, August 2023

In one line: Unlikely the start of a reversal in the downtrend.  

Melanie Debono (Senior Eurozone Economist)Eurozone

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