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30 Sept 2020 Mexico's External Accounts Continue to Improve, for Now

The improvement in Mexico's trade surplus since mid last year consolidated in Q2, albeit not for any welcome reason, as imports fell more sharply than exports on the back of...

Andres Abadia (Senior International Economist)29th Sep 2020 20:10Latin America

26 May 2020 More Traumatic Data in Mexico, the Recovery is Set to be Subpar

Inflation in Mexico surprised to the upside in April, but the underlying picture has improved rapidly over recent months.

Andres Abadia (Senior International Economist)25th May 2020 20:20Latin America

27 Apr 2020 Brazil and Mexico are Failing to Respond Effectively to the Covid Hit

Economic and financial conditions have worsened substantially in Brazil in recent weeks, due mainly to Covid-19 and the sharp deterioration of the global economy.

Andres Abadia (Senior International Economist)26th Apr 2020 20:20Latin America

1 Oct 2019 Brazilian Assets Performed Well in Late Q3, Despite High External Risk

Brazilian assets were hit in Q3 by global external challenges, while domestic fundamentals gradually improved.

Andres Abadia (Senior International Economist)30th Sep 2019 20:10Latin America

3 Sept 2019 Andean Economies Start Q3 on a Good Note, Argentina on the Brink

Data released on Friday show that the Chilean economy had a weak start to the second half of the year.

Andres Abadia (Senior International Economist)2nd Sep 2019 20:20Latin America

12 June 2019 Mexico's Manufacturing Remains Resilient USMCA Deal Awaits

Mexico's industrial production report released yesterday brought encouraging news about the state of the economy, helping relieve some doubts about its health.

Andres Abadia (Senior International Economist)11th Jun 2019 20:10Latin America

3 June 2019 The Trade War Deepens, Mexico's Economy is Under Heavy Fire

President Trump's volatile diplomatic style is one of the biggest risks facing the Mexican economy in the near term, as we have discussed in previous Monitors.

Andres Abadia (Senior International Economist)2nd Jun 2019 20:20Latin America

3 April 2019 A Decent Industrial Report in Brazil, but the Rebound Remains Subpar

Brazil's February industrial production numbers, labour market data, and sentiment indicators are gradually providing clarity on the underlying pace of activity growth,...

Andres Abadia (Senior International Economist)2nd Apr 2019 20:10Latin America

6 March 2019 Andean Policymakers in no Rush to Modify their Neutral Policy Stance

Chile's IMACEC economic activity index rose 2.4% year-over-year in January, down from 2.6% in December, and 3.3% on average in Q4, thanks mostly to weak mining production.

Andres Abadia (Senior International Economist)5th Mar 2019 19:10Latin America

22 January 2019 Commodity Prices are Edging Higher, Improving LatAm's Outlook

Recent global developments lead us to intensify our focus on trade in LatAm.

Andres Abadia (Senior International Economist)21st Jan 2019 19:10Latin America

15 January 2019 Mexican Capex Improved Slightly in Early Q4, but Uncertainty is a Drag

Data released yesterday showed that gross fixed investment in Mexico started Q4 on a decent note, increasing on the back of healthy purchases of imported machinery and equipment...

Andres Abadia (Senior International Economist)14th Jan 2019 19:10Latin America

3 December 2018 Brazil's Solid Q3 GDP Data Pave the Way for an Upbeat 2019

Data released last week confirm that Brazil's recovery has continued over the second half of the year, supported by steady household consumption and rebounding capex.

Andres Abadia (Senior International Economist)2nd Dec 2018 19:20Latin America

26 November 2018 Mexico's Economy Had a Good 2018 Will it Pivot to an Ugly 2019

Mexico's economic picture remains positive, although the outlook for 2019 is growing cloudy as the economy likely will lose momentum if AMLO's populist approach continues...

Andres Abadia (Senior International Economist)25th Nov 2018 19:20Latin America

20 November 2018 Chile's Economy Shifted into Lower Gear in Q3, is the Outlook Brighter

Chile's Q3 GDP report, released yesterday, confirmed that the economy lost momentum in the last quarter.

Andres Abadia (Senior International Economist)19th Nov 2018 19:10Latin America

12 September 2018 The MXN Remains Resilient, but Can it Withstand Broad EM Pressure

Mexico has been one of LatAm's highlights in terms of financial markets and currency performance in recent months.

Andres Abadia (Senior International Economist)11th Sep 2018 20:20Latin America

22 August 2018 Venezuela's Economic Crisis Will Deteriorate Despite Recent Plan

To imagine an unstoppable macroeconomic policy disaster and desperate improvisation, just think of Venezuela.

Andres Abadia (Senior International Economist)21st Aug 2018 20:20Latin America

6 June 2018. Brazil's Industrial Sector Maintained Momentum in April, Will it Last?

Yesterday's industrial production report in Brazil was sizzling. Headline output jumped 0.8% month- to-month in April--well above the 0.4% consensus-- pushing the...

Andres Abadia (Senior International Economist)5th Jun 2018 18:30Latin America

22 May 2018 Maduro Wins Bogus Presidential Election, what will Happen Next?

President Nicolás Maduro has "won' another six-year term, as expected, even as millions of Venezuelans boycotted the election.

Andres Abadia (Senior International Economist)21st May 2018 18:40Latin America

6 September 2017 Will the Brazilian Industrial Sector Continue to Perform Strongly?

Brazil's industrial sector came roaring back at the start of Q3, following a poor end to Q2. Industrial production jumped 0.8% month-to-month in July, driving the...

Andres Abadia (Senior International Economist)5th Sep 2017 06:07Latin America

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