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2 Mar 2021 EZ Manufacturing is Purring, but what about the Supply Side

2 Mar 2021 EZ Manufacturing is Purring, but what about the Supply Side

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)1st Mar 2021 19:20Eurozone

1 Dec 2020 EZ Core Inflation Remains Soft, but that Could Change Next Year

Early inflation data suggest that today's advance CPI report for the euro area as a whole will conform to the consensus.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)30th Nov 2020 19:10Eurozone

26 Nov 2020 The Vaccine can't Come Quickly Enough for France's Economy

This week's surveys data in France, for November, have all but confirmed that the economy will be knocked off its perch in Q4.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)25th Nov 2020 19:10Eurozone

24 Nov 2020 The EZ Economy is Shrinking, Again, What Happens Next

Yesterday's advance EZ PMI data were just about as grim as we had been expecting.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)23rd Nov 2020 19:10Eurozone

8 Sept 2020 Don't Give up Hope of a Rebound in German Manufacturing

Yesterday's German manufacturing data were a damp squib. Industrial production, including construction, rose by 1.2% month-to-month in July, lifting the year- over-year rate...

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)7th Sep 2020 20:10Eurozone

1 July 2020 French Households Rushed to the Store as the Economy Reopened

Yesterday's EZ data showed that French households came out swinging as the economy reopened. Consumers' spending, ex-services, jumped by 36.6% month-to-month in May,...

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)30th Jun 2020 20:10Eurozone

29 June 2020 More Bullish Money Supply Data in the Eurozone, M1 is Soaring

Friday's money supply data in the euro area show that liquidity support for the economy remained firm mid-way through Q2. Headline M3 rose by 8.9% year-over-year in May,...

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)28th Jun 2020 20:10Eurozone

2 June 2020 How to Interpret the Recent Jump in Eurozone Liquidity

The business cycle in the Eurozone tends to follow a fairly simply script, at least in broad terms.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)1st Jun 2020 20:10Eurozone

14 May 2020 Brace for a hit to EZ Manufacturing Employment and Investment

Yesterday's data provided further evidence of the damage wrought on the EZ at the end of Q1.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)13th May 2020 20:10Eurozone

12 May 2020 What's to Become of EZ GDP With a Hamstrung Services Sector

All major EZ governments are now in the process of lifting lockdowns, but investors should expect less a grand opening, more of a careful tip-toeing.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)11th May 2020 20:10Eurozone

29 Apr 2020 Surveyed Inflation Expectations in the EZ are Soaring, What Gives?

Yesterday's French INSEE consumer confidence data provided a fascinating glimpse into the reality for households during these strange times. The headline index fell by...

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)28th Apr 2020 20:10Eurozone

23 Apr 2020 EZ Consumption is Collapsing, but Fundamentals offer Hope

Yesterday's economic data provided the first glimpse of the crash in EZ sentiment at the start of Q2, ahead of today's more substantial barrage of numbers, including...

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)22nd Apr 2020 20:10Eurozone

6 Apr 2020 The Eurozone PMIs are Breaking Records, and Not for the Better

Friday's final PMI data for March were even more terrifying than the advance numbers. The composite index in the euro area collapsed to 29.7, from 51.6 in February, lower than...

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)5th Apr 2020 20:10Eurozone

25 Mar 2020 EZ Recession Confirmed, but how Long will the Slump Last

Yesterday's March PMIs confirmed that governments' actions to contain the Covid-19 outbreak dealt a hammer blow to the economy at the end of Q1.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)24th Mar 2020 20:10Eurozone

23 Mar 2020 We're Updating our Forecasts, Take them With a Pinch of Salt

Economists' forecasts are changing almost as quickly as market prices these days, and not for the better.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)22nd Mar 2020 20:10Eurozone

19 Mar 2020 The Initial Hit from Covid-19 is Disinflationary, then What?

A lot of ink has been spilled over the relative significance of the supply and demand effects of Covid-19, but the short-term story is clear.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)18th Mar 2020 20:10Eurozone

3 Mar 2020 Covid-19 is Both a Supply and Demand Shock to the EZ Economy

Yesterday's final manufacturing PMIs confirmed that all remained calm in the EZ industrial sector through February.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)2nd Mar 2020 19:10Eurozone

28 Feb 2020 EZ Money Growth is still a Glimmer of Light amid Market Panic

Headline M3 money supply growth in the Eurozone was steady as a rock at around 5% year-over-year between 2014 and the end of 2017.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)27th Feb 2020 19:10Eurozone

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