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26 July 2021 Don't Expect Merchandise Trade to Give Thailand a Big Cushion in Q3

Export growth in Thailand surprised to the upside in June, but trade won't give as much support in Q3. The BoT's worries over Delta aren't backed by the mobility data, though...

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)26th Jul 2021 00:10Emerging Asia

23 July 2021 From Bank Indonesia's Perspective, "Keep Calm, and Carry On"

Bank Indonesia yesterday left its 7-day reverse repo rate unchanged at 3.50%, in line with expectations, despite the material increase in Covid-19 headwinds.

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)23rd Jul 2021 00:10Emerging Asia

20 July 2021 Delta Arrives in the Philippines, but it Likely Won't Hurt Growth Until Q4

The Philippines has yet to be caught up by the wave of Covid-19 sweeping through ASEAN, as we noted in yesterday's Monitor.

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)20th Jul 2021 00:10Emerging Asia

19 July 2021 Record Covid Rates Aren't a Death Knell for Most EM Asia Recoveries

The Covid-19 situation in Emerging Asia appears to be getting worse from one day to the next, with large parts of ASEAN suffering their worst outbreaks to date. In particular, the...

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)19th Jul 2021 00:10Emerging Asia

13 July 2021 Trade Growth in Indonesia has Peaked, but Expect a Stable Surplus

Indonesia's trade data for June, due on Thursday, probably will show that the surplus narrowed to about $2,000M, from $2,361M in May.

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)13th Jul 2021 00:10Emerging Asia

12 July 2021 India's Policymakers are Worrying about the Wrong Inflation Drivers

India's CPI report today is likely to show that inflation slipped to 5.9% in June, following the bigger-than-expected surge to 6.3% in May.

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)12th Jul 2021 00:10Emerging Asia

6 July 2021 Don't Get too Comfortable, Inflation in the Philippines will Resurge

Today's data are likely to show that CPI inflation in the Philippines slipped to 4.2% in June, after remaining stable at 4.5% since March.

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)6th Jul 2021 00:10Emerging Asia

30 June 2021 Vietnam's Q2 was an Unsurprising Let-Down and as Good as It will Get

Vietnam's GDP report for the second quarter was a disappointment, as we cautioned, with growth improving merely to 6.6% year-over-year, from 4.5% in Q1. 

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)30th Jun 2021 00:10Emerging Asia

28 June 2021 Watch Out BSP... Inflation Probably Will Rear its Ugly Head Again

The Monetary Board of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas remained on the sidelines last week, leaving its overnight reverse repurchase rate unchanged at 2.00%, as widely expected.

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)28th Jun 2021 00:10Emerging Asia

16 June 2021 All Good Things Must Come to an End... Up Next, Indonesian Exports

Indonesia's trade surplus remained solid in May to the rupiah's content, inching up to a six-month high of $2.4B.

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)16th Jun 2021 00:10Emerging Asia

10 June 2021 The Philippines Won the Covid Battle--Not the War--in Q2

The Philippine economy looks miraculously to have survived the second wave of Covid-19 without any major scars. 

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)10th Jun 2021 00:10Emerging Asia

8 June 2021 Indonesia is Slowly Exiting Fiscal Stimulus, with an Eye on the Fed

Indonesia's government is starting to see the light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel, announcing last week that the  discounts for household electricity bills will end this...

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)8th Jun 2021 00:10Emerging Asia

7 June 2021 Did the Reserve Bank of India Just Set the Stage for Normalisation?

The Monetary Policy Committee of the Reserve Bank of India voted unanimously again on Friday to keep the policy repo rate unchanged, at 4.00%.

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)7th Jun 2021 00:10Emerging Asia

4 June 2021 Don't Take any Solace from the Modest Fall in India's PMIs

India's PMIs finally are starting to reflect the economic damage caused by the second virus wave and the local lockdowns imposed to control it.

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)4th Jun 2021 00:10Emerging Asia

3 June 2021 Vietnam's Q2 Growth Spike Still is Intact, Thanks to Industry

The upswing in GDP growth in Vietnam looks poised to remain on track in the current quarter, despite the headwinds posed by its largest Covid wavelet.

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)3rd Jun 2021 00:10Emerging Asia

2 June 2021 Don't Relax; India's Q2 will Hurt and the H2 Bounce won't be Emphatic

India's GDP report for the first quarter surprised to the upside, firming up to 1.6% year-over-year, from 0.4% in Q4.

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)2nd Jun 2021 00:10Emerging Asia

1 June 2021 We Might as Well Call it Covid-21 in Emerging Asia...

While Covid-19 is steadily disappearing from the rear-view mirror of most developed markets, the virus continues to wreak havoc in the emerging world, including Asia's largest EMs.

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)1st Jun 2021 00:10Emerging Asia

26 May 2021 Below-Target Inflation is Yet Another Reason Why BI will Remain on Hold

Below-Target Inflation is Yet Another Reason Why BI will Remain on Hold

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)26th May 2021 00:10Emerging Asia

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