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12 Jan 2023 Emerging Asia Monitor Sticking to Our BSP Pause Call, Despite Medalla's Vague Rhetoric

  • Reports this week suggest that another BSP rate hike in February of at least 50bp is guaranteed...
  • ...But Governor Medalla was notably less committal than in the recent past; we’re still expecting a pause.
  • The Q4 GDP data before the Board meeting will be crucial, if our below-consensus 4.6% call is right.

Miguel Chanco (Chief EM Asia Economist)Emerging Asia

1 Dec 2022 Emerging Asia Monitor India's Q3 was Deceptively Strong, Enough to Ensure a December Hike

The unwinding of Delta base effects in India led to a tolerable moderation in GDP growth, to 6.3% in Q3.

But statistical discrepancies flattered the headlines, and the bump in consumption is unrepeatable.

The BoT rate, of 1.25%, likely is the terminal level; its 2023 forecasts inadvertently will justify a pause.

Miguel Chanco (Chief EM Asia Economist)Emerging Asia

30 Nov 2022 Emerging Asia Monitor Consumption in Vietnam is Reviving, but Q4 will Still be Poor

Retail sales in Vietnam sprang back to life in November, breaking from their recent stagnation...

...The job market essentially is as tight as it was pre-Covid, underpinning brisk real wage growth.

GDP growth will still fall sharply this quarter, as Delta base effects unwind and industry ebbs.

Miguel Chanco (Chief EM Asia Economist)Emerging Asia

28 Nov 2022 Emerging Asia Monitor India's Q3 GDP will have a Lot of Moving Parts; Expect a Let-Down

We look for a sharper-than-expected fall in Indian GDP growth, to 3.7% in Q3, from 13.5% in Q2... 

...A big reversal in Delta-era base effects will be to blame, masking the first quarterly gain since Q4. 

Minimum wages in Indonesia could jump by 10% in 2023, but are merely catching up with market rates. 

Miguel Chanco (Chief EM Asia Economist)Emerging Asia

22 Nov 2022 Emerging Asia Monitor Inventories Won't be Able to Carry Thai GDP Growth for Much Longer

  • GDP growth in Thailand jumped to 4.5% in Q3, from 2.5% in Q2, on the back of a sturdier quarterly gain...
  • ...But involuntary restocking was again the biggest driver; excess inventories will be an issue for 2023.
  • The revival in tourism is on track, but it’s a cushion— at best—while consumption will soon wane faster.

Miguel Chanco (Chief EM Asia Economist)Emerging Asia

21 Nov 2022 Emerging Asia Monitor India's H1 FY2022/23 Fiscal Data are Sound, but Flexibility is Limited

  • India’s budget deficit still looks on track to hit this fiscal year’s 6.4% of GDP target, if not to better it...
  • ...Underspending, despite this year’s acute burdens, and the post-Covid revenue pop are both helping.
  • Remittances in the Philippines are still soaring in peso terms, but 2023 will be a year of slowdown.

Miguel Chanco (Chief EM Asia Economist)Emerging Asia

11 Nov 2022 Emerging Asia Monitor The Philippine Economy isn't as Healthy as it Looks

  • GDP growth in the Philippines defied gravity in Q3, inching up to 7.6% year-over-year, from 7.5% in Q2.
  • But the revisions—and lack thereof—in the Q2 data markedly flatter both the yearly and quarterly story.
  • The debt- and savings-fuelled consumption bounce in Q3 is far from sustainable, even if true.

Miguel Chanco (Chief EM Asia Economist)Emerging Asia

8 Nov 2022 Emerging Asia Monitor Indonesia's Q3 GDP Shows its Economy is in a League of its Own

  • GDP growth in Indonesia improved to 5.7% year- over-year in Q3, from 5.4% in Q2...
  • ...Domestic demand is holding firm; real wage growth has accelerated substantially.
  • Investment is regaining momentum, with more to come, thanks to the commodities boom.

Miguel Chanco (Chief EM Asia Economist)Emerging Asia

2 Nov 2022 Emerging Asia Monitor Conservative Expectations for Indonesia's Q3 GDP Need a Rethink

  • The consensus for Indonesia’s Q3 GDP appears to be ignoring Delta base effects; we see a punchy 7%.
  • CPI inflation surprised to the downside in October, opening the door for a smaller BI hike this month.
  • India’s industrial headlines are showing signs of an upturn, but the devil is in the details.

Miguel Chanco (Chief EM Asia Economist)Emerging Asia

1 Nov 2022 Emerging Asia Monitor Still Waiting for Signs of a U-Turn in Slumping Vietnamese Exports

  • Vietnam’s exports continue to slide, falling well below the trend; no signs of a bounce from imports.
  • Ignore double-digit retail sales growth; the level is stagnant and inflation will only worsen.
  • Thailand’s final pre-Q3 GDP data dump all but confirms our 4.4% year-over-year forecast.

Miguel Chanco (Chief EM Asia Economist)Emerging Asia

31 Oct 2022 Emerging Asia Monitor This Week's RBI Meeting Means that a December Hike is Off

  • The RBI’s meeting this week could be a non-event, if used merely as an exercise in transparency...
  • ...But we think the meeting’s purpose is to bring forward an RBI pivot to a smaller—and final—hike.
  • A likely poor Q3 GDP would make it hard to justify a December hike; the MPC’s main hawk has turned.

Miguel Chanco (Chief EM Asia Economist)Emerging Asia

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