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10 Nov 2020 China's Exporters will Soon Hit a Covid-19 Speedbump

October is likely to be as good as it gets for Chinese exporters for some time, with Covid-19 sweeping through developed markets once again.

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)9th Nov 2020 17:00Asia

14 Oct 2020 China's Import Surge is All About Catch-up and Commodity Prices

China's trade surplus plunged unexpectedly in September, to $37B, marking the lowest level since March.

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)13th Oct 2020 20:10Asia

8 Sept 2020 The Momentum in Chinese Exports is Fading, but RMB Strength Won't

Chinese exporters ostensibly enjoyed another strong month in August, with shipments rising by 9.5% year-over-year, marking the biggest gain in about 18 months.

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)7th Sep 2020 20:10Asia

7 Sept 2020 Korean Exports are Still on the Road to Recovery, Backing the Won's Run

The recovery in Korean exports--a key leading indicator for global trade--appears to have stalled in August.

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)6th Sep 2020 20:10Asia

20 Mar 2020 Health Check for the Rest of Asia... Downgrades for Korea and India

Brace yourselves; GDP growth forecasts are being slashed left and right, as our colleagues take stock of the economic damage Covid-19 likely will inflict in the U.S. and across...

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)19th Mar 2020 20:10Asia

26 Sept 2019 The "Repo Crisis" is no Technicality Think Central Bank Divergence

After the disruption in repo markets last week, theories are flying as to what's going on.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)25th Sep 2019 20:10Asia

9 Sept 2019 China's RRR cut Helps Credit Supply but Demand Still Wanting

The PBoC cut the Reserve Requirement Ratio late on Friday--as signalled at last Wednesday's State Council meeting--by 0.5 percentage points, to be implemented from...

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)8th Sep 2019 20:10Asia

7 June 2019 The RBI's Third Rate Cut is Overkill a U-Turn is Likely, Soon

The Monetary Policy Committee of the Reserve Bank of India voted yesterday to cut the benchmark repo rate by a further 25 basis points, to 5.75%, a nine-year low.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)6th Jun 2019 20:10Asia

22 May 2019 Not Out of the Woods, but Korea is Signalling a U-Turn in World Trade

The latest trade data from Korea underscore the unfortunate timing of the resumption of the U.S.-China tit-for-tat tariff war.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)21st May 2019 20:10Asia

9 November 2018 Ignore the Headlines the Tariffs are Starting to Hit China's Trade Flows

China's official, unadjusted trade data for October grabbed the headlines, as they look great at first glance.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)8th Nov 2018 19:10Asia

12 October 2018 Sticking to our Call for the Bank of Korea to Remain on Hold

The Board of the Bank of Korea will meet again in less than a week's time for this year's penultimate meeting.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)11th Oct 2018 20:10Asia

7 September 2018 Are Chinese Efforts to Stabilise Growth Starving Private Firms

China's authorities recognised, around the middle of this year, that activity was slowing and that monetary conditions had become overly tight.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)6th Sep 2018 05:53Asia

20 April 2018 Why the BoJ Needs to Steepen the JGB Yield Curve

The BoJ yesterday published its semi-annual Financial System Report, which often gives insights into the longer-term thinking driving BoJ policy.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)19th Apr 2018 18:30Asia

7 February 2018 Global Liquidity has been Damaged Recently, but 2008 this is not

In terms of one-day moves, the drop in U.S. equities yesterday and Asian equities in the past two days has been pretty bad.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)6th Feb 2018 08:41Asia

2 November 2017 China's "War on Pollution" will Take its Toll on GDP Growth in Q4-Q1

China's Caixin manufacturing PMI was unchanged at 51.0 in October, continuing the sideways trend this year.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)1st Nov 2017 13:59Asia

14 September 2017 PBoC Pushes Back on RMB Rise. Stability is Still King, for now

The RMB has risen strongly in recent months, initially with the euro and the yen, but China's currency rose on a trade-weighted basis in August.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)13th Sep 2017 06:57Asia

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