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Banca Central de la Repúublica Argentina

6 Jan 2021 Last Year's BoJ Splurge was no Abenomics Re-run

BoJ support has sent monetary aggregates through the roof.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)5th Jan 2021 19:00Asia

23 Sept 2020 Expect the RBI to Hold Next Week, but Make a Larger Cut in December

The stickiness of CPI inflation in India in recent months should all but guarantee another quiet meeting for the RBI next week.

Miguel Chanco (Senior Asia Economist)22nd Sep 2020 20:10Asia

30 Apr 2020 Footfall Data Highlight the Wide Range of "Lockdowns" in Asia

Google's Covid-19 Community Mobility Reports have come raging into fashion in recent weeks, providing a glimpse of the damage done by lockdowns across the world.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)29th Apr 2020 08:48Asia

23 Mar 2020 Japan's Threat to Global Financial Markets in this Massive Real Shock

The Covid-19 shock to the real economy in China, and now the world, is colossal. Asia is leading the downturn, both because the outbreak started in China, but also because of its...

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)22nd Mar 2020 20:10Asia

19 Mar 2020 Japan Whacked by Supply Shock, Now for the Demand Damage

Japan's February trade data were a shocker, but not for the reasons we expected, given the signal from the Chinese numbers.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)18th Mar 2020 20:10Asia

17 Mar 2020 There is Nothing Remotely Like Q1 in Historical Chinese Data

We lack an adjective sufficiently strong to describe China's February activity data.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)16th Mar 2020 20:10Asia

5 Mar 2020 Does the Fed's Cut Open the Asian Floodgates for Rate Reductions

The Fed's unscheduled 50bp cut on Tuesday opens up some space for Asian central banks to follow suit.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)4th Mar 2020 19:10Asia

20 Dec 2019 Next Stop for the BoJ, Increase Flexibility of the Framework

The BoJ held firm, for the most part, during this year's bout of central bank dovishness.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)19th Dec 2019 19:10Asia

20 Sept 2019 Next BoJ Meeting is Live it's About Cost-Minimisation, not Expansion

The big question left by the BoJ at yesterday's meeting is how, if at all, they will follow up in October.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)19th Sep 2019 20:10Asia

6 Aug 2019 How Credible are China's Threats in Response to Trade War Escalation?

We've always said that China's first weapon, should the trade war escalate, is to do nothing and allow the RMB to depreciate.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)5th Aug 2019 20:10Asia

31 July 2019 The Bank of Japan Snubs the Doves, with its Options Knowingly Limited

Yesterday's BoJ statement, outlook and press conference raised our conviction on two key aspects of the policy outlook.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)30th Jul 2019 20:10Asia

11 July 2019 Central Banks in Asia have Less Scope to Respond to PPI Deflation

PPI inflation in Asia looks set to go from bad to worse, following June's poor numbers, which showed that the weakness in commodity prices is feeding through quicker than...

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)10th Jul 2019 20:10Asia

4 July 2019 Japan's Services PMI Holds up, is the Sector Really so Resilient?

We were surprised to see Japan's services PMI edging up to 51.9 in June, from 51.7 in May. We attributed apparent service sector resilience in April and May to the abnormally...

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)3rd Jul 2019 20:10Asia

26 June 2019 Green Shoots in Semiconductors, but they aren't Out of the Woods

Major central banks in Asia, particularly those operating in export-oriented economies, have recently been pinning their future policy moves on the prospects of a specific...

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)25th Jun 2019 20:10Asia

19 June 2019 Mr. Draghi Just Made Things Difficult for the BoJ

In light of Mr. Draghi's Sintra speech, we take this opportunity to give an update on the BoJ's stance, ahead of the meeting on Thursday.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)18th Jun 2019 20:10Asia

12 June 2019 Markets Having Cake and Eating it will be Caught out by the BoJ

Central bankers globally are full of market- appeasing but conditional statements.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)11th Jun 2019 20:10Asia

29 April 2019 BoJ Wakes up to China's Slowdown, Goes into Lockdown

The BoJ until last week had been in wait-and-see mode over China's slowdown, but they finally folded with Thursday's decision.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)28th Apr 2019 20:10Asia

28 January 2019 PBoC CBSs: Not Quite QE, but Potentially a Useful Step

Last week the Chinese authorities issued a series of new measures to help with bank recapitalisation, and, we think, to supplement interbank liquidity.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)25th Jan 2019 05:35Asia

2 January 2019 China to Turn up the Stimulus in 2019, but Constraints Remain

At the end of last year, China's Central Economic Work Conference set out the lay of the land for 2019. Cutting through the rhetoric, we think the readout implies more...

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)2nd Jan 2019 03:27Asia

9 November 2018 Ignore the Headlines the Tariffs are Starting to Hit China's Trade Flows

China's official, unadjusted trade data for October grabbed the headlines, as they look great at first glance.

Freya Beamish (Chief Asia Economist)8th Nov 2018 19:10Asia

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