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CHINA+ DATA WRAP 27 MAY 2022: Inflation stabilises in Japan, profits plunge in China

A more boring month for Japanese inflation

Profits collapsed during China’s lockdown

Craig BothamChina+

CHINA+ DATA WRAP 20 MAY 2022: Japanese CPI inflation is finally above target

Don’t expect the BoJ to change policy, despite reaching its target

PBoC pressure on mortgage lending starts to pay off

Craig BothamChina+

CHINA+ DATA WRAP 18 MAY 2022: Japan's economy shrank at the start of 2022

Japanese growth should bounce back in Q2

China’s property sector is still deteriorating

Craig BothamChina+

CHINA+ DATA WRAP 16 MAY 2022: A brutal April for Chinese activity, thanks to zero-Covid

The workshop of the world closed down in April

A bloodbath for retail sales

Zero-Covid restrictions prevented stimulus rollout

Craig BothamChina+

16 May 2022 A Change of Tune from the PBoC Amidst a Slump in Lending

The PBoC has adopted new language in the wake of a slowdown in bank lending...

...But we think this is unlikely to signal a sudden pivot in monetary policy, given other constraints.

The PBoC has no choice but to accept a higher debt ratio, unless it wants to deepen the recession.

Craig BothamChina+

PM Datanote: Money and credit growth, China, April

In one line: Monetary transmission broke down in April, echoing the broader economy 

Craig BothamChina+

CHINA+ DATA WRAP 11 MAY 2022: Commodities and currency push Chinese CPI higher

Food and energy underpin a greater-than-expected jump in consumer inflation

PPI disinflation slowed in April

Craig BothamChina+

CHINA+ DATA WRAP 09 MAY 2022: Reality catches up with Chinese exports

Zero-Covid supports China’s trade balance for a little longer

Craig BothamChina+

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