Pantheon Macroeconomics - Samuel Tombs has focused on the U.K. economy since 2009. Prior to joining Pantheon, he was Senior U.K. Economist at Capital Economics, leading the team which topped the 2014 Sunday Times' poll of forecasters. In 2011, Samuel won the Society of Business Economists' prestigious Rybczynski Prize for an article on quantitative easing in the UK.

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Samuel Tombs

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Samuel Tombs Pantheon Macroeconomics

Samuel Tombs

Chief U.K. Economist
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Samuel Tombs has focused on the U.K. economy since 2009.  Prior to joining Pantheon, he was Senior U.K. Economist at Capital Economics, leading the team which topped the 2014 Sunday Timespoll of forecasters.  In 2011, Samuel won the Society of Business Economists’ prestigious Rybczynski Prize for an article on quantitative easing in the UK.

At Pantheon, Samuel’s research is rigorous, free of dogma and jargon, and unafraid to challenge consensus views.  His work focuses on what matters to professional investors: The links between the real economymonetary policy and asset prices.  He believes the UK economy is a special case among developed economies, caught between the forces affecting the U.S. and the Eurozone, but subject also to home-grown policy errors.  In Samuel’s view, the best days of the UK's recovery from the 2008 crash are now behind it, though the structural constraints facing the economy are not as severe as those in the Eurozone.

Samuel holds an MSc in Economics from Birkbeck CollegeUniversity of London and an undergraduate degree in History and Economics from the University of Oxford.  He is based in London but frequently visits our other offices.

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