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mario draghi

9 Apr 2020 All Hail the New Corporate Bond Aristocracy in the Eurozone

We're still trying to get our heads around the amount of stimulus that EZ policymakers have pledged in order to pull the economy through the Covid-19 crisis.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)8th Apr 2020 20:10Eurozone

21 Jan 2020 A Tale of Why the ECB is Different from Most Other Central Banks

Economists refer to two different types of forward rate guidance by central banks: Delphic and Odyssean. The former describes a "normal" situation, in which the central...

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)20th Jan 2020 19:10Eurozone

4 Nov 2019 Are Markets Eyeing a Bottom in EZ GDP Growth?

We have spent the past few weeks shifting our story on the EZ economy from one focused on slowing growth and downside risks to a more balanced outlook. It seems that markets are...

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)3rd Nov 2019 19:10Eurozone

25 Oct 2019 A Dignified Farewell by Mr. Draghi, All Eyes Now on Ms. Lagarde

The ECB made no changes to policy yesterday, leaving its key refinancing and deposit rates unchanged, at 0.00% and -0.5%, and confirmed that it will restart QE in November at...

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)24th Oct 2019 20:10Eurozone

24 Oct 2019 A Standing Ovation for Mr. Draghi Today as he Departs the ECB

Today's ECB meeting will mainly be a victory lap for Mr. Draghi--it is the president's last meeting before Ms. Lagarde takes over--rather than the scene of any...

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)23rd Oct 2019 20:10Eurozone

14 Oct 2019 If German CPI Data won't Guide Bunds, Maybe Fiscal Policy will

Friday's data added further colour to the September CPI data for the Eurozone.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)11th Oct 2019 08:26Eurozone

7 Oct 2019 The Noose Tightens on the EZ, but a Recession is Still Unlikely

Data while we were away have intensified fears that the global, and by extension EZ, economy is slipping into recession.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)6th Oct 2019 20:10Eurozone

23 Sept 2019 The Key Takeaways from Rapidly Falling PPI Inflation in Germany

Data on Friday showed that German producer price inflation is now in free-fall.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)22nd Sep 2019 20:10Eurozone

19 Sept 2019 EZ Headline and Core Inflation to Rebound Firmly Into Year-End

Yesterday's detailed CPI data for August confirmed that inflation in the Eurozone stayed subdued over the summer.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)18th Sep 2019 20:10Eurozone

16 Sept 2019 Textbook EZ Wage Data, but the Policy Response Won't Be

Last week's policy announcement by the ECB and Mr. Draghi's plea to EU politicians to deliver a fiscal boost, indicate that we're living in extraordinary economic...

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)15th Sep 2019 20:10Eurozone

13 Sept 2019 The ECB Fires Both Barrels It Won't Stop Until CPI is at 2%

The ECB disappointed slightly on the big headlines in yesterday's policy announcements, but it delivered shock and awe with the details

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)12th Sep 2019 20:10Eurozone

19 Aug 2019 Resistance is Futile in the EZ Fixed Income Bull Market... For Now

The ECB's communication to markets has been clear this year. In Q1, the central bank changed its stance on the economy towards an emphasis on "downside risks to the...

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)18th Aug 2019 20:10Eurozone

26 July 2019 Mr. Draghi Readies his Monetary Policy Bazooka for one Last Time

Markets were all over the place yesterday in response to the messages from the ECB.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)25th Jul 2019 20:10Eurozone

23 July 2019 The ECB Will Prepare Markets for a Deposit Rate Cut This Week

We're breaking protocol this week by delivering our preview for Thursday's ECB meeting in today's Monitor.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)22nd Jul 2019 20:10Eurozone

22 July 2019 Will Mr. Draghi Set a New CPI Target for Ms. Largarde to Pursue

Speculation that the ECB is considering a rethink of its inflation target has intensified in the past few weeks.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)21st Jul 2019 20:10Eurozone

12 July 2019 A Preview of the CPI Challenges Faced by Ms. Lagarde at the ECB

Yesterday's accounts from the June ECB meeting broadly confirmed markets' expectations of further easing between now and the end of the year.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)11th Jul 2019 20:10Eurozone

10 July 2019 Time for a Serious Debate about More QE in the Eurozone?

Our base case remains a 10bp cut in the deposit rate, to -0.5%, in September.

Claus Vistesen (Chief Eurozone Economist)9th Jul 2019 20:10Eurozone

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