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Britain's E.U. referendum on June 23rd is fast approaching, and Pantheon's U.K. service has covered the issues extensively. We hope you will find the following selection of links to key publications useful. Existing clients and trialists of the U.K. service can access these reports by entering their login details. If you have forgotten your login details, please click here to reset your password. If you would like to trial our U.K., or indeed any of our services, please click here.

22 June Fiscal and monetary policy won't come to the rescue after a Brexit

21 June - How soon will we know the referendum result?

20 June - A final look at post-referendum paths for Sterling

15 June - Reasons to remain calm about Brexit risk

10 June - April's "Surge" in exports does not point to a Brexit silver lining 

6 June - Political instability to loom large, if referendum is close either way

3 June - Brexit would hit all sterling asset values, gilts included

2 June - Brexit risk looms large over credit growth

1 June - How to read the tea leaves before and on referendum night

31 May - Are house prices near a celing, or just temporarily slowing?

24 May - Sterling's rally after a "Bremain" vote will fall flat

23 May - Is it premature to relax about Brexit risks?

13 May - MPC signals Bremain rate hike, and sounds cool on Brexit cut

10 May - Hold your nerve on Brexit risk, despite troubling polls

3 May - How far would Sterling fall if Britain chose brexit?

28 April - Don't pin your hopes on a post-referendum rebound

19 April - Are the treasury's Brexit calculations plausible?

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