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Latin America Economic Research
Latin America Economic Monitor, Datanotes and Presentations

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Latin America Economic Research

Latin America Economic Monitor

The Latin America Economic Monitor is our core publication for investors in the region. Daily or weekly (depending on subscription package) clients receive a three-page PDF report, which covers developments in the Latin American economy and markets.

A typical issue of the Economic Monitor incorporates a forward-looking essay on one or more Latin American economies or a pan-regional theme, analysis of economic data and assessment of upcoming releases. A calendar of the week’s key releases includes both our view and the consensus, and we publish our key forecasts every day.


Our Datanotes offer short, punchy analysis of major Latin American economic data, emailed within a few minutes of their release. Our objective is to give clients the story behind the headlines, and to put the numbers into context. We look for the quirks, the revisions and the implications for policy.

We don't waste your valuable time with unnecessary detail and padding; our Datanotes tell you what you need to know to make trading or investment decisions, and how the numbers fit into our overall view. And if they don't fit, we'll tell you that too.


Our Latin America chartbook is published monthly, telling the regional economic story in roughly 40 charts, assessing the outlook for consumption, capital spending, exports, inflation, the public finances and monetary policy.

Clients may use charts from the Chartbook, suitably attributed.

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