Pantheon Macroeconomics - Freya Beamish produces the Asia service at Pantheon. She has several years of experience in covering the global economy, with a particular focus on China, Japan and Korea. Previously, she worked at Lombard Street Research (now TS Lombard), where she delivered research on Asia and the Global economy for over five years, latterly as the manager of the Macroeconomics group.

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Freya Beamish

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Freya Beamish Pantheon Macroeconimics

Freya Beamish

Chief Asia Economist
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Freya Beamish produces the Asia service at Pantheon. She has several years of experience in covering the global economy, with a particular focus on ChinaJapan and Korea. Previously, she worked at Lombard Street Research (now TS Lombard), where she delivered research on Asia and the Global economy for over five years, latterly as the manager of the Macroeconomics group.

Freya’s analysis dissects the cyclical trends from the noise. Her experience covering China allows her to sort the data wheat from the chaff, producing her own indicators and building a coherent picture of the economy. Her developments on leading indicators and activity measures allow her to pinpoint where the economy is in the cycle, something not readily available from the official data but critical in an economy whose structural growth is trending down. Beyond the cyclical story, Freya also looks deep into the financial and monetary data to highlight key turning points to investors. This methodology has allowed her to illuminate the key risks in the Chinese financial system, predicting the BoJ’s move to yield curve-targeting in 2016 and to highlight key systemic fragilities in the Japanese banking system. 

While her focus is on Asia, Freya takes a global approach to economics, identifying forces outside Asia that have the potential to cause schisms or catalyse trends in the economies she covers, and following through the implications of Asian developments to the rest of the world. This integrated approach has enabled her to call crucial shifts such as the bubble in Asian credit markets in 2013 before the U.S. taper-tantrum.

Freya holds an MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics and an MA in Economics and Law from the University of Edinburgh. She speaks Mandarin, having lived in Beijing for over a year and studied the language at Peking University and Beijing Language and Culture University. She was based in Hong Kong from 2011-15.

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